- I am not but only a small symbol of magnificence of Allah.

Website Development

Full Stack Web Developer


• Wire-framing and Prototyping (Axure RP etc)

• Front End UI and UX Design (Adobe Muse etc)
• Back End Business Logic Implementation

• HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Node.js etc

• Scaling solution for high concurrent users

• Web Applications (RoR, PHP, Perl, Python etc)

• Content Management Systems (Wordpress etc)

• API or Web-service Integrations

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Servers, Networks, Storage

Design Specialist


• Server Installations (IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco etc)

• Network Configurations (Cisco, Juniper etc)

• Storage Data Redundancy RAID Configurations

• Windows Batch, Linux Bash Scripting

• Application Hosting Services

• OS TCP layer tuning for Long Fat Networks

• Cloud Computing and Virtualization (VMWare etc)

• Redundant, Robust, Resilient, Optimum Network Plans



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Database Administration

Database Administrator


• Database tunings (Indexing, Stored Procedures • etc)

• Query Normalization

• Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

• MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL

• NoSQL (MongoDB etc)

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Graphics Design

Digital Art Designer


• Adobe Creative Cloud

• Web Responsive Graphics

• Logo Design

• Brochure Design

• Business Card Design

• Photography

IT Security Audits

Information Security Officer


• Ethical Hacker

• Penetration testing

• Low Level Packet Manipulation tools (Scapy etc)
• SQL Injection

• Vulnerability Analysis (Qualys)

• Policy Planner and Risk Analysis (Firemon etc)

• Compliance Analysis

• Business Continuity Planning (PR-DR drills)

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Call Center Solutions

VOIP Engineer


• Interactive Voice Response Designs

• Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

• Cisco Call Manager, Intelligent Call Management

• Email, Web and Social Network Interaction

• PSTN to VOIP Gateways

• Integrations with Customer Relationship Management

• Redundant Call Centers Solution Design

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Logs, Reports and Events Management

Adept at designing dashboards


• 360 View Custom Dashboards (Splunk etc)

• Configuration Change Management

• Custom Visibility into Critical Infrastructure & Applications

• Reduction of MTTR by 50% by visualizing issue pain points

• Security Information Event Management (McAfee ESM etc)


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IT Business Process Automation

Scripting Guru


• Requirement Analysis

• Windows, Linux or Hybrid Scripting

• End to end automation of repetitive manual tasks

• Custom Email reports and alerts

• One window view of consolidation of materials







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Site One

Site Two

Android Application


Mobile Application Developer


• Wireframing and Prototyping

• Responsive User Interface Design

• Business logic design

• Web APIs integration

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